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Nov 20 2020 #1

Pete Lane


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Camp Creek, Saint Jo

St Jo Camp Creek Nov 17th

Fished Saint Jo last Tuesday, Nov 17th. First, thanks to whoever put out all the brush piles - will make a real positive difference to the fishery. Tough-ish day on Tuesday. Cold overnight (had to chip ice off my windshield in the morning), blue skies, cold at first warming to 70 degf in the afternoon. Water temp in high 50's. Started at 8 and caught a couple early on a rattle trap on the hump, one at 3 lb 12. After that it was a struggle to find any pattern. Had most success pulling a TX rig cut-tail through the brush piles. Bites were really subtle. Rest of the fish were reaction bites on rattle trap or jerk baits. Tells me they never really started feeding. Graphed a lot of fish all around the channel, but just suspended mid-water and not biting. Packed in at 3:30 as had to head home. Ended up with 7 bass, largest right at 4lb. This is a great lake, I just hit it on day when they weren't hungry



Nov 20 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for noticing Pete. It was a group effort. The landowner cut the trees down and brought them to the waters edge. Scott and Cole, bundled them on the boat and sunk them. It is an all day project.



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