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Nov 20 2020 #1

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Property :
Boren Lake, Collinsville

Lots of Wind and Lots of Fish

Reservation Number : 26492
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 11/19/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 28 bass 31 bream 1 shad
Lures Used : Flies

Fished Lake Boren for the first time today.  Fished from about 7 to 3 and ended up with 28 bass (22 culls and 6 returned).  The wind blew pretty hard after the sun got up good but the fish were fired up.  Water was pretty clear and good for the flies.  Caught about 10 bass with a deer hair frog popper and many with a black wooly bugger and a chartruse and white closuer and a few with a little rubber leg bream fly (see picture)  Biggest bass were just a little over two pounds but most of the culls were fun hard fighting.  After lunch I pulled out my 3 wt and put on a little bream fly.  I was fishing with the 3 wt in the trees/fish feeder/big barrel that is right out in front of the dock and caught 31 bream, 3 really nice bass and a shad on that little fly.  Caught quite a few bass out in front of the double points at the entrance to the little skinny cove. Met the owner - he is super nice and thanked him for letting us fish on his great little lake. He said he's pulled an 11 and 10 pound bass out of this lake.  Had a blast fishing this great little lake.

Nov 20 2020 #2

Steve Alexander


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Thanks for the great harvest!! Your the best. 22 fish is a great harvest on a small 8-10 acre lake. We are trying to remove 250 fish over the next year. You guys removed almost 10% in one trip.




Nov 21 2020 #3

Travis Burnett


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Great report, I'll be here with my daughter tomorrow! Hope we have as good of luck! 


Nov 21 2020 #4

Kevin Fuller

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You and your daughter should have a blast.  Y'all should be able to get on the bass if they are eating and there are bream all around the dock and all the attractors/trees just out in front  of the dock.  The owner will be more than happy to point y'all in the right direction.  Good luck!


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