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Nov 15 2020 #1

Stephen Ford


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Flying M , Whitesboro

Steady action in the wind with a big one to start

Reservation Number : 26391
Property Name : Flying M
Reservation Date : 11/14/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13 bass up to 6.25lbs; 1 crappie
Lures Used : All moving baits

Fished Flying M solo from about 1:00-5:00.  Strong wind was definitely a factor, but I tried to adjust as well I could. I walked around the entire property. I don't recommend it, and I'm not 100% sure if it is allowed. I apologize if I accidentally got into areas I should not have been. Once I started the trek, I figured it was safer to keep going rather than go back through some of the areas I had to navigate. 
The fishing.....pretty good. With the wind, I went to the SE corner to start. I landed a 6lb 4oz beauty on the 2nd cast.  The next 2-3 hours were steady catching fish in most areas I stopped with moving baits. I did attempt some soft plastic options, but the wind made it tough. The rest of the bass were all under 2lbs. They were very strong and healthy hitting the swimbait, lipless crank and chatterbait.  The big one was the only bite on a spinnerbait. I look forward to going back with better weather conditions. I think this property has a lot of potential. If the decision is made to add a boat, I can see it as a regular option for me and many others.

6.25 lb:

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