Just a Little Luck on Friday the 13th

Nov 14 2020

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Reservation Number : 26415
Property Name : The Bigwood on the Trinity
Reservation Date : 11/13/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 7 Bass 1 Bream
Lures Used : Flies/Crankbaits

Fished Bigwood with guest and my buddy Clayton Hendrix today.  Clayton was getting tuned up on his fly rod for a trout trip on the White River in Arkansas this weekend and threw a crankbait on conventional gear as well.  What a neat little lake - its like a bass structure amusement park - there's a little timber, sunken timber, vegetation, humps, ditches, flats, points and a dock.  Unfortunately the bass weren't playing all that hard today but even though it was Friday the 13th we managed 7 bass and 1 bream.  All the bass came on fly rods and most of those off a top water popper.  Tried to fish the ditch along the tree line a little deeper with clousers and wooly buggers but no takers deep all day.  All the bass we caught were shallow and over vegetation.  All the bass we caught were culls but most were pretty nice bass for the fly rod - the cull length is 16" at Bigwood.  We met Dr. McFarland and his labs and had a good visit with him and the dogs.  The water was pretty clear and there wasn't much wind for most of the day.  A little breeze with the clear water might have helped.  It's deer season and this is a hunting lodge so there was the occasional sound of gunfire but it wasn't a big distraction.  It was a beautiful day on a really pretty lake and even though the fish were a little slow it was still a great time.