Nice Day

Nov 08 2020

James England


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Reservation Number : 26334
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 11/07/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20 under 14 and 7 ranged from 14.5 to largest being 16
Lures Used : Swim Jig with a swim bait and worm

Had a nice afternoon at Boren Lake! Land owner is so very nice and his boat is great.  We caught fish all over the lake even with it being a bit windy. The little guys had a lot of fight so it made for a lot of fun. I caught majority of mine on swim bait but my wife caught majority on worm.  Caught one on crank bait but didn't throw it much because of the grass and we were doing great with other.  Will fish again.

Nov 09 2020

Adrian Helfert


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Sounds like a lot of fun - thanks for the post