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Nov 04 2020 #1

Paul Barner


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Property :
Flying M , Whitesboro

Election Day Win for Flying M

Reservation Number : 26335
Property Name : Flying M
Reservation Date : 11/03/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 27 Bass 10"-23"
Lures Used : Sq Bill Crankbait / Swim Minnow

First trip to Flying M. Fished from noon till 5 and had a bite going all afternoon. Weather was great, water pretty stained. Only used a 1.5 Square Bill Crankbait and a 3/8 Blakemore Swim'n Runner with willow underspin, the swim bait caught 20 of the 27. Most fish were 14"- 16" with a couple bigger and the BIG GIRL came in at just over 7 lbs. Found fish at every drop off, just slow roll the bait and wait for the fish to pick it up. Best spot was a drop off to the right of the dock out from a little point. Took at least 10 from that spot including the big fish. The drop off by the dam was also productive. Great tip on launching from the spillway, I had no trouble getting in and out. Another good addition to PWF.

Nov 04 2020 #2

Scott Quigley


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Great report Paul, very insightful…and congrats on the BIG GIRL!


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