Sat Oct 31st at The Bigwood on the Trinity

Nov 03 2020

Chris Harper


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Reservation Number : 26287
Property Name : The Bigwood on the Trinity
Reservation Date : 10/31/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 16 - 15 green fish + 1 Hybrid
Lures Used : Chatterbait Stealth Blade

I got an early start on Saturday morning, pulling out of the boat dock at about 7:00 am. It was cold, but the wind was calm, so it was a delightful sunrise. Let me first say this is a picturesque property. Everywhere you look, stunning scenery, great colors, and a variety of wildlife. The First 2 casts with an S-waver 168 produced 17" fish. I was too excited to weigh them. I only threw the S waver about 10 times before switching to the Evergreen Chatterbait Jack Hammer Stealth blade in Bhite color with a Zako trailer. I caught the remaining 14 fish on the Chatterbait. I culled 6 fish, but only 2 of them were under 14". Most fish were 3 lbs with on 2 on the smaller side. The surprise of the day was when I hooked up with a hard fighting fish on the north end of the dam; it was fighting hard but not like the other I had caught, and it ended up being about a 16" hybrid. I was not expecting that. Water was stained, but clarity was still excellent up to 40". I could only fish to 2:30 pm and was still catching fish when I had to leave.

Dr. Mcfarlane, the landowner, came down, and we got to talk for a bit, and I really enjoyed getting to hear about the lake from him. I expressed how thankful I was that he let me visit his Ranch, and I look forward to more discussions. The Boat dock, Boat, and the entire property are top-notch. I didn't have time to clean my fish at the property, but there is a nice cleaning station with a filet knife and zip lock bags available to use.

I will be back.

Nov 04 2020

Scott Quigley


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Glad you had a great day there Chris, it is definitely a nice addition to the club!  I'm as surprised as you are on the hybrid, we didn't see any during our shock survey…fun fight I bet.