Freezing but productive day!

Oct 29 2020

Bryan Zawikowski


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Reservation Number : 26296
Property Name : Boren Lake
Reservation Date : 10/29/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : See below
Lures Used : 1.5” perch single hook swim bait (I tried everything else))

This is a new property to Private Water Fishing Club. But it is a must see. The property boat is the best I've ever seen. All you need to do is bring your battery. The owner is more engaged then I've ever seen. He even help me unload my boat at the end of the day. There is plenty of cover, since the owner has actually sunk several things including car tractor and several other items to create fish habitat. I was able to catch not at least nine largemouth bass using a perch colored swim bait in the deeper portion of the lake. The wind was tough, so topwater was not working.

Again I would highly recommend this property, the Boat is phenomenal and the fishing is very good. I got a lot of action even on a day when one would not expect it. Gary the property owner and gave me several times again, even helping me unload my boat. I will be back