Cold front made for interesting day of fishing

Oct 27 2020

Marc Karstaedt


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Reservation Number : 25993
Property Name : Lakota Lake
Reservation Date : 10/24/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 1 - 3 lbs range
Lures Used : Crankbait, Paddle Tail Spinner

A cold front persisted through the morning keeping the barometric pressure down and putting the lake to sleep. Perch were  only fish biting in the morning which was fun but not why we were there.

It took until early afternoon for the front to move on and the sun to come out. Within an hour or two the lake lit up and fish activity was visible all over the place.

The sonar showed the fish lingering in the 6 - 8' depth range,  I switched to a L Castaic Loco 10 crankbait  which has a 5 - 10' diving depth and caught 4 healthy Bass with the biggest weighing in at 3 Lbs.

My friend used a spinner bait with a paddle tail and caught two  2 pounders. He then switched to a top water (in response to the observed surface activity) bu was unable to attract a bite.

We had an amazing day at this beautiful place. I can't wait to go back there.