Tug of War at Trinity

Oct 22 2020

Paul Barner


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Reservation Number : 26229
Property Name : The Bigwood on the Trinity
Reservation Date : 10/21/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 12 Bass 1.5 lb to 3.5 lb
Lures Used : Senko/Texas Rig Ring Fry

This is a new lake so I'm gonna expand somewhat and fill the membership in. Facility and people are great. I met the owner Doc McFarlane and he has built a super hunting/fishing lodge. The boat, dock, fish cleaning station and a restroom in the lodge are fantastic. They repaired the boat, added a second motor (just in case) and a new battery. Nice to have a 17 ft. boat with seats. I arrived at 8 am to a nice fog and overcast and I had topwater on the brain. I used every topwater bait I had and caught nothing. I finally gave up and picked up a senko/watermelon red and on the first cast by a log I boated a healthy 15" fish. Fishing was tough because the pattern in the morning was if there was a log there was a fish by it but the fish won the tug of war in the stumps and moss at least 50% of the time. I closed out the morning with 9 fish, 3 returned and 6 in the livewell. Fishing by the timber in 3-4 feet was the am pattern. Took a lunch break on the dock and Doc and his Labs joined me. He filled me in on where the deep water was and some history on his 7,000 plus acres. Had a Lab swimming retreaving show and went back out. By now the sky had cleared and wind all but died. The deeper water was a channel dug out to build the dam, it runs from past the dock out the line of cypress trees on your left heading to the dam. I threw a bunch of baits with no luck. With high blue skys I decided to try a 4" Lake Fork pumpkin/green ring fry rigged texas style and fish up and down the drop off on the cut out channel. I fished hard till 4pm and caught the 3 biggest of the day, nice 3 plus pounders and I lost 2 more nice bass there. I gave up at 4 and cleaned fish using the sink and kicked back with a glass of tea on the dock. Another great new property! Thanks PWF.