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Oct 19 2020 #1

Rick Svoboda

Slot Fish

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Property :
Flying M , Whitesboro

Great Afternoon

Reservation Number : 26163
Property Name : Flying M
Reservation Date : 10/18/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 69 - biggest 4.25
Lures Used : Spinnerbaits, lipless crank baits & TR Senkos

Mike & I fished from 12 to 5:30 on Sunday.  Was a comfortable afternoon to be on the water.  Air temp low 80's, overcast skies & a light wind.  Water temp was 68-70 and viability 6-12 inches.  We caught 69 fish of which 58 were bass.  Biggest was 4.25, with a couple of 3's and a lot of 1.5-2.0 and quite a few dink's.  We also caught 11 crappies, with a couple right at 2 lbs.  A white spinner bait, lipless crank bait, Texas rigged green pumpkin Senko and a square bill crank bait are what worked.  We caught fish all over the lake, including right out in the middle.  We fish with two 8' boats and found the best place to launch & recover them was at the spill was.  We felt launching by the dock would be more difficult.  This property is a great addition to the club.  It is close to our homes, an easy drive and we caught a lot of fish,

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