Brutal wind, Beautiful place

Oct 19 2020

J.D. Danielson


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Reservation Number : 26156
Property Name : Tara lake
Reservation Date : 10/17/2020 PM - 10/18/2020 AM
Total Fish/Sizes : 11/up to 6.4lbs
Lures Used : rattletrap, chatterbait

Tara lake is a beautiful place and the 1900's cabin was perfect for a couple's getaway. The wind however, did not cooperate. Gusts up to 30mph made it almost impossible to fish from the small jon boat. Did pick up 2 bank fishing and later after the wind "laid" down to 15-20 we made a dash for the dam on the south end. The wind break from the dam was just what we needed and after a couple of trips back and forth we got on some good fish, all were around 2lbs and caught a 4.6 and then missed a good fish near the old metal dock. On our final lap down the dam caught a large crappie and when we were about to reach the end I said "one more cast", glad I did...hung big fish for the trip a 6.4 lb tank. Short but shaped like a football, great property will revisit on a calmer day so we can explore the entire lake.