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Oct 17 2020 #1

Kevin Fuller

Slot Fish

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Property :
Live Oak Creek, Valley Mills

Lost in the Weeds

Reservation Number : 26147
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 10/16/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5 bass up to 3.5 pounds
Lures Used : Flies

Fished Valley Mills for the first time this year.  I fished there twice in 2019 and really like this lake - this time it was like a different lake - lots of vegetation over much of the bank.  If you're not in a kayak you may have significant trouble getting around with a trolling motor in this lake until the vegetation dies off.  Most of the bank where the club boat is located is pretty inaccessible.  That said once you get past the weeds there is still a lot of the lake that is very fishable.  I only managed 5 bass and might of caught more but I couldn't quit throwing topwater flies.  All of the bass were nice 2 and 3 pounders and 4 out of the 5 took a frog popper fly.  Caught one nice bass on a white half and half.  When I threw subsurface flies I just wasn't getting any takers except for the bream - caught 6 nice bream in addition to the bass.  The water is very clear except back in the creek.  The vegetation was a challenge but I took the rudder fin off my stand up paddle board and found a way to get through it to clear water.  This is a beautiful place and I had a blast but be ready for the weeds. 

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