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Oct 16 2020 #1

Mark Daugherty

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Double A Lake, Wills Point

Thursday, Oct 15th - Double A, Wills Point (chock full)

Pam and I fished Double A on Thursday before the front blew in - and boy did it blow in! Double A is a wonderful lake - what an addition to the club. We fished from about 7:45 to 2:45 under cloudy skies and light winds to barely a breeze to "oh my goodness get out of the lake now" winds in the afternoon. We managed 35 (including 1 huge coppernose bluegill). The bass ranged from 1.5 to 4.0 lb and were extremely healthy, chunky, and beautifully marked. We lost a few…but were sick about a couple of really good ones that dove into the moss with a head of steam - to the point that we lost them. I got a good look at one and it was 5+. We caught a few each on a shad soft jerkbait, a green pumpkin stickbait, a green pumpkin flash z-craw, and a brown craw on a swinging head jig, but the most productive was a red bug z-craw t-rig worm. To be honest we caught fish around the entire perimeter, most of the better ones were when casting out to the deeper ledges and outside the deeper weedline. 

The owner, Joe, came out to check on us and he is a super nice guy and made sure we were having a great day. Another awesome PWF day!



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