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Oct 15 2020 #1

Paul Barner


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Property :
Camp Creek, Saint Jo


Reservation Number : 26082
Property Name : Camp Creek
Reservation Date : 10/14/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30 12"- 19"
Lures Used : KVD 1.5 Sexy Shad

Daddy Daughter Fishing Day, our first trip to Camp Creek. Great addition to PWF as a fishery and property. I started the day with a KVD Sexy Shad square bill tied on. Holly used a green senko as had been reported was the color to throw. After I boated 4 to one in the first 20 min. on the water she switched to the crankbait. We used them all day never missing a beat. Fish were scattered all over the lake but as reported the NW corner of the dam was the most productive. We also found the flat off the launch site and it also proved very productive. All the fish we caught were healthy fighters, largest was 3.7. We stopped counting when we got over 20. Also caught 7 crappie and 6 mean red ear bream. Property is very nice, launch area was a breeze. Short drive back to St. Jo to try the DQ for lunch and a break. They make very tasty milk shake! Another super fantastic PWF fishing experence.

Oct 15 2020 #2

Dan Ellis


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What depth are you fishing the KVD crank bait?

Thanks for the info,

Dan E.



Oct 15 2020 #3

Scott Quigley


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Glad you enjoyed the fishing and scenery at Camp Creek, looks like an awesome day…thanks for the report and the great pic!


Oct 15 2020 #4

Paul Barner


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We fished it high, just about 3 feet but on that flat there is good grass and we kept it just under the water. Most strikes were slam dunks. Drifting down the dam we threw to the bank and slow rolled it back.


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