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Oct 12 2020 #1

Jeremy Francis


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Flying M , Whitesboro

Amazing day at Flying M!! (70 caught, including a 5.5 and 6.2)

We had a great day at Flying M, and really enjoyed this property.  It's was sunny, hot for October (low-mid 90s), and windy (7-10 mph).  We caught fish pretty much all over the lake on any kind of moving baits.  Crank baits, chatterbaits, and swimbaits were the most productive, with buzzbaits and frogs also working early.  The most productive was a darker color swimbait on a willowblade underspin.  The area we found the most fish was near the end of the fence that jets out into the water.  There's seems to be a deeper cut from there running back towards the dam that held the most fish.  A 5.5lb was caught here on an underspin.  The 6.2 lbr was caught right off the corner of the dock also on an underspin.  Letting it fall to the bottom, then slowly retrieving got it done.  Between two guys on kayaks, we caught 70 or more fish from 7:30am to 1:30pm and they were still biting when we left. Mostly 1-2lb fish, but some bigs mixed in for sure!!  Great day, great fishing, and a great property!!




Oct 12 2020 #2

Scott Quigley


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Great report Jeremy, that is one heck of a half day of fishing with huge numbers and big fish mixed in!


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