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Oct 08 2020 #1

Pete Lane


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Camp Creek, Saint Jo

Great Afternoon at St Jo, 10/7/20

First time at St Jo - really enjoyable day. To start with, a really scenic drive in. I drove up 287 to Alvord and then right through Forestburg to St Jo. Hadn't been that way before, really nice drive. Got to the water at 12:30 and fished until dusk. Great day to be outside, air temp in the high 80's with a 10 mph south breeze. Lake looks about 2-3' low - water temp at 75 degf, over 2' visibility. Took me a while to find the pattern today, but once I did, caught some real quality fish. Ended up with over 20, with half over 2lb - biggest two over 4 (biggest at 4.5). Caught sporadically until 5pm throwing rattle traps and square bill into the channel, TX rig and wacky worms in the stick-ups. At 5 moved on to the extended hump / flats in the middle of the lake, and that's when the action started. If you go without electronics then the lake has a 10-12' channel that roughly runs around the perimeter, about 5-10' from the bank. There is then an extended hump that's consistently 5' deep with 2' of weed growth on the bottom. If you line up the house with the brush right in front of the launch site and then on to the right hand cedar at the point on the opposite bank then you'll be right on it - extends about 10 yards left and right of that line. Drops abruptly on the W (left side), a bit more gradual on the right. Caught about 15 in 2 hrs here, plus all the biggest fish. Could see a bunch of fish stacked up in the deep channel (esp. on the east side), but few takers. Wonder if there's a current pattern where they hang out there and then move on to the hump to feed. A jerk bait or rattle trap ripped over the top of the weeds worked for me, then top water later on - but think a spinner bait would have been good as well. Great add to the club - thanks Steve




Oct 08 2020 #2

Scott Quigley


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Fantastic report Pete, you really created a great template for the next members going out there…and if they don't have electronics this will be a life saver!  Glad you had a great day there and got to enjoy the scenic drive in.


Oct 08 2020 #3

Steve Alexander


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Your welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. I have been all over Texas Hunting for new places to fish. But, had not seen much north of 82. You will be rewarded with great views. this is a very scenic part of North Texas. 

Thanks for a great report. We really apprecaite reports like this that help other members. 5 star report!




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