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Sep 30 2020 #1

Kevin Fuller

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Property :
Camp Creek, Saint Jo

St. Joe - Beautiful Place

Reservation Number : 25849
Property Name : Camp Creek
Reservation Date : 09/29/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 17 up to about 3lbs
Lures Used : All Flies


Fished St. Joe today with fellow member Paul Prosser.  We were all fly rods all day and all things considered had a really good day.  It was 44 degrees in the morning when we started and I think the bass were maybe a little off with the cold snap.  It warmed up during the day but never got hot and it was nice to fish in cool weather.  BassForecast rated the day about a 4.4 but even with the cool temperatures and low rating we managed 17 bass on the fly rods.  Biggest bass was close to 3 pounds and caught some nice 2's as well. Topwater flies only landed 3 and the rest were on sub surfaces flies.   I was fishing mainly black and white wooly buggers and they did fine on the bass, bream and crappie. Paul was fishing with fancy flies that I don't know the name of.  Caught 18 bream and 11 crappie in addition to the bass.  We got to visit with the owner and he's a heck a nice guy and his place is really beautiful.  The last 5 miles of the drive to the lake is just stunningly beautiful - its like you go from prairie to the hill country which just sorta appears outta nowhere.  Caught our bass kinda all over the lake on the edges but out a little deeper - not right next to the bank.  Numbers wise caught the most fish in the northwest corner of the lake in and around the stick ups.   Saw all kinds of birds, ducks, hawks (may explain not much on topwater) and the place has lots of horses roaming around which are cool to look at.  The owner has a friendly one eyed dog as well. Breaking in a new hat and so far its pretty fishy.



Sep 30 2020 #2

Scott Quigley


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Glad you enjoyed your day at Camp Creek, it is a beautiful place.  Nice job catching lots of fish on fly despite the cold front; the new hat is a keeper!


Sep 30 2020 #3

Paul Prosser


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This is Paul Prosser, Kevin's co-angler.  I echo his take on the new property.  Owner is very friendly and the dog will settle on your lap if you're sitting down.  I imagine there was a 30-40 degree swing in temps from the time we arrived until we left just before 5. The wind was very slight early but steadily picked up in mph throughout the day.  Looked like it was going SW to NE.  The lake's banks have been skinned down all around, which makes it nice for us whippy-stick bank bangers.  Kevin has a SUP so he's able to navigate the entire lake and suss out the holes and humps, but the lake is not terribly deep, and there were some noticeable sandbars at the current level.  

Fishing in the early AM versus the mid-afternoon was quite different.  If you have a watercraft I would recommend fishing the stickups for sure…there are many that are just below the surface and together with the visible ones make for decent holding spots.

If you go and are trailering a small boat on a trailer of some kind, be advised that the "road" to the house - just before you get to the lake - is gnarly.  While there is plenty of rock and gravel in the road surface it is quite uneven and will have to be navigated slowly.  Once it ends in the owner's "front hard," no problemo getting to the water.

Nice property, and good job PWF.  Keep it up!


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