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Sep 27 2020 #1

Greg Zimmerman


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Property :
Flying M , Whitesboro

Flying M Ranch 9/26/20

Reservation Number : 25950
Property Name : Flying M
Reservation Date : 09/26/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 50 + LMB; 3 crappie
Lures Used : Chatterbait, crank bait, senko

Fellow member Harrison Papaila and I fished Whitesboro, Flying M Ranch, on September 26th.  We arrived at 8:00am and fished until about 1:30pm.  Water temperature was about 73 degrees, fertile water with ag run-off and water clarity at about 12-18 inches.  We caught 50+ LMB, three white crappie and one large bluegill.  About 45 of the LMB were 10-14 inches and would have been culled had this been a culling lake, with five LMB between 14 – 18 inches.  The white crappie were between 12-14 inches and were removed.  The majority of the lake is 3-6 feet deep, however, we found a deep spot near the dam at about 20 foot depth.  There is little to no grass in the lake and we only found one or two brushpiles, with the structure consisting of the dock, a couple of fences that protrude into the water, points with trees near the shoreline and submerged shoreline vegetation due to the high water level.  Chatterbaits, crankbaits and senkos or other soft plastics were productive.  There is a fence that protrudes about half-way across the lake and at its end there is about 8 feet of water depth and this area was highly productive, however, we caught fish all over the lake.  We launched and recovered a 17’ aluminum RT 178 without issue or even spinning a wheel, but you will need to scout for appropriate areas, which we found in the vicinity of the concrete overflow.  We launched from the concrete overflow, but the water level is quite shallow there, so we recovered the boat about 100 feet down the shore in deeper water.  Easy drive, beautiful ranch and lake with high density of LMB that are easy to catch. Great addition to the club!

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