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Sep 24 2020 #1

Westin Smith


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Bluebonnet Ridge, Ennis

Swimbaits at Bluebonnet Ridge!!

Reservation Number : 25905
Property Name : Bluebonnet Ridge
Reservation Date : 09/23/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 35 bass 10 1-2lbs 17 2-3lbs 8 3-4.5lbs
Lures Used : swimbaits

Wife and I arrived around 9am and launched the kayaks, the hydrilla is thick in much of the lake and we targeted those grass edges along the bank as well as the deeper areas with the grass up to the surface. I started with a natural chatterbait and 3.3" paddle tail trailer and caught 2 in the first 45 minutes or so while Devin was getting catch after catch on a 4.8" saucy swimmer in Goby color with an underspin to draw more attention than my chatterbait with the windy conditions and that worked better than the spinnerbait at getting through the grass. As soon as i tied one on we were both hammering them the entire day on that one setup, i had a handful of hits on the frog but the paddle tails were just doing too good to put down.

we also ventured back into the "creek channels" of the lake and caught about 6-8 in there as well, until about the point where the last areas branch off and the water got more stained. all in all it was an amazing trip with many quality fish, the majority over 2 pounds and about 8 bass over 3lbs with 3 of those in the 4-4.5 range. i believe we were at 25 fish when we decided to try the smaller lake and walked the entire bank, catching about 10 more fish with the largest being about 3.5 pounds all again on the Saucy swimmer with that underspin hook before heading out around 6pm with right at 35 fish tota


Sep 25 2020 #2

Scott Quigley


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That's a great day Westin and great details on the baits and techniques that worked for you and Devin!


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