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Sep 20 2020 #1

Philip Davison


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Nix Ranch: Lake TCU, Tioga

Fun Day

My son, soon to be son-in-law and I had the pleasure of fishing Lake TCU on Saturday the 19th.  We were on the lake by 7:30 AM and off at about 7:30 PM with an hour break for lunch.  The air temp was 63 in the morning and topped out at about 83.  Clear but a little hazy skies all day, particularly in the morning.  Water was clear to about 2 feet.  I fished from the bank all day and my son and son-in-law fished from one of the properties' jon boat.  We caught a total of 15 with one being culled.  All but the culled bass were between 2.5 and 3.5 lbs and fought hard.  The morning top water bite was very good.  We caught eight on different types of frogs and missed at least that many.  The rest of the day was spent catching fish on weightless wacky rigged stick baits - all different colors.  We missed a lot during the day, so we should have had better numbers.  Oh well.  We had a great time, great memories and I'm sure we'll be back.


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