Beautiful lake, lots of fish will be back!

Sep 14 2020

Marc Karstaedt


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Reservation Number : 25590
Property Name : Lakota Lake
Reservation Date : 09/13/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 6 (1x3 lbs, 2x2 lbs & 2 2 lbs)
Lures Used : Texas rigged zoom, whack worm and shaky worm)

This property epitomizes what Private Lake Fishing is all about. Nested in a Piney Wood forest, the lake is isolated an pristine. What a gem. It is well taken care of with active feeders distributed around the lake. 

Bank fishing is very limited, but fortunately the club  Jon Boat is very easy to launch and is perfect for the lake. Be sure to bring a kayak or a trolling motor and battery if you want to get the most of the place.

Finding fish (with sonar as well as visible activity) was not hard. Getting them to bite on this blistering Texas day was ... especially for a beginner like me.

Next time we will break the day into two and take a road trip in the middle to Cleveland for a long relaxing lunch in an air conditioned restaurant that way we will have the energy to fish both at dawn and dusk.