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Sep 08 2020 #1

Gary Gehring


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Sandy's Place, Whitesboro

Fun Day at Sandi’s

Reservation Number : 25724
Property Name : Sandy's Place
Reservation Date : 09/07/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 30 small
Lures Used : Plastics, spinner

With less than ideal conditions (hot, sunny, windy, and poor water clarity), managed to catch a bunch of fish --- I'm pretty sure over 30.

I used plastics for the first hour or so with nothing more than a few pecks. Then I changed to a spinner and started to catch fish. Stuck with the same spinner the rest of the day.

None of the fish approached 14", maybe 10 in the 11 or 12" range. Many of the fish were small and some were not more than minnows that make you wonder how they managed to get the hook in their mouth. A couple decent size bluegill and one crappie (lost another crappie).

Ps. The only way to access Sandi's Lake was to drive most of the way close to the fence-line and then, even with a kayak, not easy to put in without getting your feet wet (I managed to build a temporary 'walkway' with old cedar). It's easy to access Cecil Lake, but Sandi's was better fishing.

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