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Aug 28 2020 #1

Stephen Conover


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Property :
Tara lake, Muenster

Tara Lake Thursday August 27

Reservation Number : 25636
Property Name : Tara lake
Reservation Date : 08/27/2020 AM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 5/ 1@2.75 lbs, 4@8-12 inches
Lures Used : Topwaters, crankbaits, chatterbaits, senkos, creatures

Damita Jo and I fished Tara from 7am til noon.  Water temp was about 88 degrees and clarity was low, probably 6-8". 

We tried all areas of the that we could reach, but as the description states most of the water is very shallow.  Our fish were caught near the shore on the east side (which has some 6-7' water by the small dock), and near the shore along the dam.  No bites in the deep areas of the lake.  All fish were caught on a small, silver, shallow-running crankbait.

There is a boat launch that the owner has cut into the west bank, but it is black mud and very shallow water at this time. It was difficult getting my 17' aluminum Tracker into and out of the water.

Aug 30 2020 #2

Larry Maupin

Slot Fish

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Glad to see you made it there, Stephen. 


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