Solid morning at Lakota

Jul 14 2020

Scott Kinsel


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Took my 11 year old out to Lakota this morning.  Fished from 7:30-12pm.  

What worked ....

Zoom u-tail watermelon Texas rig

What didn't ....

Everything else.

Caught 10 nice sized fish (2-4lbs).  

A few notes about this property:

- There is a boat on the property similar to the one attached.  There is a trolling motor, battery, battery box and charger onboard, but I'm not sure if they work. It does have a paddle.  

- It has two comfortable seats.  Me and my son fit perfectly.

- It's hot as hell right now.

- The boat is pretty heavy.  Getting it back up the ramp would be challenging for just one person.  

- No bites near the bank.  Caught most of the fish on the west side of the lake. I didn't have a depth finder so I'm not sure where they were holding.

- No weeds.

GREAT PROPERTY. Big lake, lots of action, perfect little boat for two people.  Will be back soon.