Pruitt Brothers @ Cleveland - 36 Bass Two (2) to Five (5) Pounds

Jul 14 2020

Wayne Pruitt


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Reservation Number : 24996
Property Name : Lakota Lake
Reservation Date : 07/10/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 36 Bass from 2 to 5 Pounds
Lures Used : Carolina, Jigs, Texas Rigged Soft Plastic

Got to visit with the owners of the property and they were very accommodating with their time. Super good folks with lots projects going on their property. Can't wait to see what the property looks like this time next year.  

Very hot sultry day. Lots of hydration required. Water temp got to 94 degrees. That has got to be miserable for the fish. They seem to hover/congregate at 5 feet water level where they are most comfortable. We can see them on the sonar but they are not easily enticed. We ended up with 36 for the day. Fished from 6:15 AM to 6 PM. Crispy Bacon Sandwiches of course............this lake fishes different each time we fish it. Never the same, what worked last time is proven ineffective so we go to the drawing board until something new produces. We love a good challenge so we become fish whisperers and eventually get a little pattern and then it changes again.

Caught one good one on the day that went over 5 pounds while fishing a jig at around 5 foot in 7 foot of water. It is a grind but I am going to predict the biggest fish to be caught at this lake will be repeat, repeat, repeat and grind. The lake is in great shape but a little rain to maintain the water level would be nice. Love this lake and 62 miles from the house makes it convenient.........

I just got my new Hobie 14 Foot Pro Angler 360 Kayak (see attached photo) and can't wait to do a maiden voyage on a club lake. 

I have my 17 Foot Tandem Hobie (see attached photo) for sale if anyone is looking for a like new kayak made for two. Also works well with one angler using only one seat. This kayak is the most stable kayak out there. Standing and fishing is no problem. It is an excellent piece of equipment for PWF lakes. There is a listing in the PWF classified section with the details and my phone number. I need to make room in the storage unit for the new one so I am am ready to make a smoking deal (looking to sell the kayak without the trailer which will knock off a bunch of the asking price) to someone that might be looking for an excellent tandem.