Short but sweet at Kickapoo

Jul 07 2020

Bob Gage


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Reservation Number : 25151
Property Name : Kickapoo Lake
Reservation Date : 07/06/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 24 from a few dinks to 6 lb.
Lures Used : Swim bait with underspin, few on senko

College son was home and decided he would like to fish on Sunday afternoon, so we booked an afternoon at Kickapoo.  Only fished from 3:30 to 6:30, but had a great time.  Caught 24 total with 10 returned.  Caught a few dinks but most of the harvested fish were 13-14 in.  The returned fish were mostly solid 15-18 inches with a 21 inch 6-lber topping the day.  Blue/black was the color of choice.  Most were caught on a swimbait with an underspin and a few on a senko.  This is my third time to fish this lake over the past few years and concur with earlier reports about the average size increasing each time.  Son caught the majority of the returned fish, had a great day, which in turn makes my day great.  Thanks PWF for helping us make memories!