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May 23 2020 #1

Ron Wood


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Nix Ranch: Lake TCU, Tioga

Wonderful day

Reservation Number : 24439
Property Name : Nix Ranch Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 05/22/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 33 up to 4 lbs
Lures Used : Everything

 We fished Lake TCU on Friday May 22nd. The lake and surrounding area is beautiful. My son and I started at 7am at the island nearest the dock. The wind was calm and we could easily get around the island. We fished around the island then moved toward the shore to work the bank. When the sun finally got up, we started catching fish. Dub (owner) has had the shore dredged, so your fishing in 3 foot of water 3 feet off the bank and no slime moss. It seemed like we were catching the same fish over and over.  3.3 to 4.5 lb fish all day long. Some liked it wacky rigged (son) while I did it TR. Kevin even managed to catch a couple on a yellow spinner and 3 on a chrome raddle trap. Dub was sitting there talking to us while I landed a 4 lb, then as I released it, Kevin caught its twin. Kevin also had 2 big blow ups on a frog but no hookups sorry to say. We caught fish all over the lake the islands are great and the old remaining pier structure is a sure bet to find fish. The front came thru and wind changed direction and temps dropped 10 degrees but that never slowed the bite. We fished until 1 pm when the clouds moved on and the sun started cooking us. Just to let y’all know to check your equipment cause we got broke off half dozen times, I believe there are some hogs hiding out there. Dub said that later this year they will be adding brush piles to the lake which will only add to the main body areas to fish. We concentrated our focus toward the bank or around the island with an occasional cast with the rattle trap to the open water which to our surprise resulted in a hookup with one of the twins. Kevin actually caught 2 that foul hooked on the outside of the mouth, he thought he had hooked basszilla. I’m an old man and I have never caught a 100pounds of fish in a 6 hour window. Tight lines my friends and good fishing. Ron

May 23 2020 #2

Chris Casner

Slot Fish

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Great half day for sure. Way to go Ron and son Kevin


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