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May 21 2020 #1

Kevin Fuller

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Property :
Trinity Lakes, Covington

Epic Day at Trinity Lakes - 244 Bass

Reservation Number : 24305
Property Name : Trinity Lakes
Reservation Date : 05/20/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 244 Bass
Lures Used : Magic Spinner Bait/Flies


Oh man where do I start.  It was an epic day that we'll never forget.  Fished with my son Cody and a buddy of mine Shawn Brentham.  Shawn and I were all fly rods all day and Cody was on conventional gear.  Shawn and I landed 79 bass, 14 bream and one crappie on the fly rods which we thought was pretty darn good until we got Cody's totals for the day...  Every time I looked over at him he was fighting a fish - he ended the day with 165+ bass (plus one bream)- incredible.   He caught 140 on a Pepper Custom Baits Double Willow spinnerbait in Hawk's Secret with a white Jackle Rhythm Wave swimbait as a trailer - his magic bait for the day.  Cody rarely fishes a spinnerbait and today did not seem like a spinnerbait kinda day - clear water and light winds - but for some reason the bass just couldn't leave this bait alone and Cody had the good sense to keep throwing it. The rest of Cody's fish came on a toad, a fluke, a weightless senko and a few on a Rhythm Wave rigged on a Owner Flashy Swimmer.   Cody had the worst (best) case of bass thumb I've ever seen.  

The numbers were insane.  The biggest fish of the day were in the 3 pound range - no monsters.  Most of the fish were hard fighting aggressive 1.5 to 2 pounders.  If we were culling at this lake my guess is that 40 to 50% of the bass would have been at or under 14 inches.  That said we caught very few absolute dinks.   We caught 52 bass on Arrowhead fishing from daybreak until about 12:30 p.m. and then we moved to Comanche where we caught a combined 192 bass before we left at about 7.  We caught most of the fish shallow either on the bank or just off of it.  Shawn and I caught em on poppers, hoppers, frog flies, clousers, wooly buggers, game changers, lunch money flies, crawdad flies and some really cool homemade flies of Shawn's he made using some duck feathers from a duck he shot himself.   

It was Shawn's first trip to a Private Waters Lake.  He was impressed.  I've been fishing Private Waters lakes since December 2014.   I was impressed.  What an incredible day - thank you Private Waters for getting these lakes in the club.  Never had a day like this and likely never will again.  


May 21 2020 #2

Mark Daugherty

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Kevin - I think it was the hat. Minus your BIG hat you had a lower profile so the fish were more aggressive! laugh Congrats on a very memorable PWF day - I think your family is going to get tired of hearing about "THE day that you and Cody had at Trinity"!




May 22 2020 #3

Kevin Fuller

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Too funny.  I actually had that big ol hat on for a few hours and you're right - I'm guessing it scares off a few fish.  Fortunately for Cody he fishes off a yak (usually as far away from me as possible) and avoids the curse of the hat.  Yesterday was a special day for him - most fish of any kind he's caught in a single day.  He's had some truly great days on the water but nothing like yesterday.  You're right - this will be a family story that will be told for years : )


May 23 2020 #4

Chris Casner

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My goodness, never hear of so many fish being caught in a day on a fly and conventional. Congrats to everyone, especially Cody. Day to remember for sure. 


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