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Apr 22 2020 #1

Eric Carr


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Lake Thrallveston, Taylor

Please give me some advice - I couldn't find the big ones

This lake's big bass were AWOL today.  I fished early then late, about 6 hours total, on a very warm and windy day.  Water visibility was only about 5 inches, so I tried a blue/black Senko, a chartreuse Senko, a dark blue Zoom craw, a black spinnerbait, a white/chartreuse spinnerbait, a Pop-R, a fat white square bill, a buzzbait, a Whopper-Plopper, a dark fluke, a chatterbait with a black/chartreuse twist tail, and a white Fat Albert grub tail on a 3/16 oz jig head.  I would stop and anchor so I could fish slowly and methodically, but the only thing they bit at all was the Fat Albert.  I boated four bass between one and 2.5 lbs, and I had another on that got caught up in the lily pads and came off. No idea how big he was.  Anybody got ideas on how I could have done better?  

I used the on-site boat, and it was clean and charged and problem-free. 


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