Jones Lake Adventure

Apr 21 2020

Steve Alston


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Reservation Number : 23976
Property Name : Jones Lake
Reservation Date : 04/20/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 23 (2-5lbs)
Lures Used : Lizards & Wacky Worms

Beautiful day hi of 70' and easy access to the lake with good roads. Wind calm  4/5 mph and water is stained perfectly to 18". Lake is in great condition with excellent amount of grass, lily pads and groups of cat tails all of which are scattered around the entire lake perimeter. Basically a fisher mans dream.

Only took out 4 undersized bass and the rest were all very hardy and mostly from 2 to 5.lbs. Lizards, Yum Dinges including Wacky Worms were the baits of choice today.

Apr 22 2020

Steve Alexander


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One of the most underutilized lakes in the club. If it were an hour from Dallas in would be booked 3 days a week.