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Mar 26 2020 #1

John Egan


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Tree Farm, Ellington

Good Information Proves Useful

Bank fished Thursday morning, March 26. It was going slow until the property owner came by and told me "they had been killing them." To which I responded "Great, so tell me where and on what". He got on the phone and the reply said "only on Rattletraps". I knew I must have some in my big box in my truck. And there it was ready to go, a chrome one with black top. It was a visibly well used veteran and may have been in my box for many(?) years. So I drove around to South Lake and started casting away from the East and South banks. I caught 12 on the trap and they keep getting bigger as my day approached noon, but nothing bigger then 2 lbs. Lots of action and fun. 

As an aside, it appears the property owner is modifying the banks of both lakes. There was a steady stream of dump trucks and front loaders moving loads of dirt into place. Looks like work in progress. I was just happy to see all this activity. 

Stay well.   


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