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Mar 26 2020 #1

Mike Fay


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Backside of the Moon Lake, Bowie

Nice day, OK fishing

A buddy and I fished Backside of the Moon on March 25th.  Got there about 7:30 and fished till 2:00.  Caught 8 fish. 1 was 4-1/2 and the rest were small.  The bigger fish was caught on a Rattletrap.  All the smaller fish were caught right on the bank using a watermelon red flake Senko Texas rig with small weight.  Tried lots of baits including crank baits, spinner baits, jerk baits, lots of plastics in lots of colors, but the fish were just not having it.  The access is the hardest I have ever seen at a PWF property.  Very tight, steep, rocky, muddy, etc.  We got in and out OK in my Yukon pulling a small trailer and boat, but it was hold your breath time for much of the on-property drive.  I would not try it unless you have high clearance and 4WD woudl be very helpful if it has rained recently.  The water was chocolate milk with about 1 foot visibility.  Wind was 10-20 from the south, which didn't help with the north / south orientation of the lake.  There are definitely a lot of fish and some big fish in this lake, but maybe better days to fish this one.  Beautiful place and great day even without catching a ton of fish.


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