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Mar 26 2020 #1

Bruce Kirby


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Six O Ranch, Cleburne

Beautiful Six O Ranch, small fish this time

14 year old daughter (beginner fisherman) and I fished the Six O from about 4:30-8pm.  We culled 10 under 14”.... daughter lost about another seven

That sounds like a non exciting evening, but we had a good time…. without a fish finder and having never been on the lake the toughest part was finding some spots to fish that didn’t have vegetation all the way to just below surface, while being beaten by the wind.

Caught a couple on craw-colored RatLTraps, but the rest were caught on watermelon red flake 5” dingers fished wacky style along the western shore of the middle cove.

In all fairness to the lake, had I been on it with a fishing buddy, I’d assume we would of prob quadrupled our numbers for sure….  I was just “helping” more than I was fishing…




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