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Mar 20 2020 #1

Kirk Balsley


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Property :
Tear Drop Lakes, Ennis

Windy & Wet X2

Reservation Number : 23376
Property Name : Tear Drop Lakes
Reservation Date : 03/18/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 13
Lures Used : Trick worm, Rattle Trap, Lizard

Much rain in prior days but luckily one short shower the day we went. Fished off the bank all afternoon. Would be dicey to try to drop a boat in at this time & I would think do not attempt any trailers right now. Upper lake had the most color but no bites. We only gave it an hour tops and moved on.  The middle lake gave up the most fish.  Good looking with irregular shorelines and one small creek.  The lower of the three gave up about 6 fish total.  Had to fish outside grass line with plastics to get bit.  Water in lower lake was really clear with vegetation coming in in most of the lake.  Good thing about the day was only 2 fish were under 15 inches.   When you caught one it was 2-3 3/4 lbs.  

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