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Mar 19 2020 #1

Chris Stout


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Lake TCU, Tioga

Muddy, windy, and wet two days at TCU

Despite about 4" of rain over the past 48 hours, winds in double digits and water that looked like a light chocolate milk, we fished two full days Tuesday and Wednesday, we being myself and two teenage boys on what looks to be like a very extended spring break from school, but what a way to kick off spring! We boated at our best account 85 fish, only a dozen or so were smaller than 3 lbs, the biggest being 4.8lbs, many were over 4lbs..that's a ton of 3lb to 4lb fish!! We lost two much larger fish at the boat that were easily double the size of our biggest fish, and broke  off a few more. Craws were mostly our go to, based on the amount of crawfish we saw around the lake this is a very natural food for them, crank baits and chatter baits were money as well. 
Dub is a one of kind type of guy, what a great owner, he honestly does want everyone to feel at home. I can't say enough about him, we enjoyed our many conversations with him. This will be a great asset to the club for sure. We can't wait to go back and see what happens when conditions are good…I don't know how it gets any better!! 



Mar 19 2020 #2

Philip Rooney


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Tioga is certainly a special place, and under better weather condition you might have caught 150+. The average size bass in this lake is scary big, so you know there are some DD's lurking around. 

Dub is an awesome landowner. I spoke with him yesterday and he might have been more upset about the big ones that got away than you were. He truly wants everyone who visits to have the best trip possible. Thank you for sharing, Chris. 


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