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Mar 16 2020 #1

Mark Daugherty

Slot Fish

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Lake TCU, Tioga

Saturday, Mar 14th - Lake TCU, Tioga (wind and rain - but what a fishery)

Reservation Number : 23207
Property Name : Lake TCU
Reservation Date : 03/14/2020 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : bunch up to 4-13
Lures Used : crankbaits, paddletails, underspin - moving baits

Pam and I fished Lake TCU on Saturday - light rain on and off with double digit winds starting from the east and switching to northerly, outside temps in the 50s and water temp at 59/60 with about 20'' of viz. Lake is full and grounds down the water were wet and muddy, but the walk from the paved drive is not bad at all. What a great addition to the club!  To use a phrase from Bruce Bernard's reports - we caught a bunch!  And almost every one of them were from 2-14 to 4-13.  A slew of them right at 3lbs.  With 5 over 4lbs and only 8 harvested.  To be honest we caught them all over the lake in any water less than 10ft deep - shoreline to the middle of the lake.  Moving baits were the ticket this day - then again for the first half of the day, moving baits were about all I do and manage the boat with the wind.  Shad colored/white cranks, white/shad paddletail with or without underspin.  These fish hit with a vengeance and pulled like tanks. 

In addition to the fantastic fishing - the ranch owner Dub Nix is a gem.  Went out of his way to check on us and ensure that we were having a good time and that everything was working out.  I am sure this fishery will get a lot of use and continue to produce as I trust our PWF staff and good owners like Dub to make the best decisions for the benefit of the landowner and our members.  Sweet day!

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