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Mar 12 2020 #1

David May

Slot Fish

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Black Hat, Leonard

Black wacky at Black Hat

Reservation Number : 23232
Property Name : Black Hat
Reservation Date : 03/11/2020 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 4
Lures Used : Wacky worm

I had a chance to fish Black Hat for the first time Wednesday afternoon. I fished from 5-7 or so, hoping to get the 'evening bite'. 

The air temp was 80-84 and the water stained with a visibility to about 2 feet. The grass in the shallow ends is now about a foot below the surface. Water temp at the surface in the mid 60's in the shallow end. ( I could not attach my electronics to the bass buster as my clamps wouldn't fit so I was hanging over the transom with an instant read meat thermometer stuck in the water). I caught 4 fish, all on wacky rigged trick worms, all in the grass along the east and west banks. Two others "released themselves" at the gunwale, saving me the the trouble. Fish were healthy, 12"-16".

I had no strikes on rattletrap, TR senko, chatterbait, swimbait, search360, MS slammer, or willow leaf spinnerbait. 


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