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Mar 11 2020 #1

John E. Harvey


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Black Hat, Leonard


That stands for "Thank Goodness Leonard Black Hat is Back" What a great property, absolutely A one in every way. The club boat is a keeper with plenty of room for two and may be 4 rods apiece. The lake its self is almost the perfect size, large enough to inspire, yet small enough to fish the whole lake. Having said that, a buddy and I fished the lake Tuesday afternoon. We hit the east side shore line because of a previous report and caught fish, let me say we caught really nice fish. We then worked the rest of the lake with some success, but returned to the east side and were rewarded with some more really nice fish. Now here's a FYI. I'm lazy when it comes to knots. I use snaps and have for awhile. That may change!!!! Got into to a giant and had her to the boat when BAM, she was gone. On inspecting the cause and dealing with the heart ache I found the snap had parted, the small flap holding the clasp had bent open. AAAAH!!!! That is something I have not had happen before and I am not sure I'll let happen again. LOL Any way, I can certainly recommend you treat yourself and give this property a try. 


Mar 11 2020 #2

Maxwell Fisher


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How many fish did you catch?

Which kind of fish?

What did you use to catch them?


Mar 12 2020 #3

John E. Harvey


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Pleases understand, for me those are the wrong questions. We caught fish…... really nice fish, and that should excite you and draw you to this property. We caught fish on a variety of presentations but they were different from earlier reports. That's the fun…... what do the bass want today? We were successful with soft swim baits and chatter baits with a big profile, but that will change. Go fish this property and you will be rewarded.


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