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Feb 26 2020 #1

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Post Oak Lake, Bryan

Celebrated Mardi Gras Day with a Trip to Post Oak – 2/25/2020

Fellow member John Shepard and I rolled up to this beautiful property on Fat Tuesday listening to classic Mardi Gras tunes (we both spent a significant portion of our careers working in the Crescent City) for an afternoon session of fishing.

The tank is full after recent rains with water slightly trickling over the spillway. Water temp 58F in the big portion, transitioning to 59 – 60F in the smaller portion west of the bridge. Water clarity 1.5-2ft. Very little weed growth and no significant filamentous green algae. Wind 10 mph out of the north increasing to 15mph around 4:30PM.

We fished the entire lake from both the bank and kayak. Most of the bass action was had proximal to the bridge and in the smaller portion of the tank to the west. Between us we caught 21 LMB and 14 crappie (we harvested the crappie). Four of the bass ranged between 18-19” and most of the rest were in the 12-16” range with a couple of dinks thrown in. Only one or two of them sported bulging bellies, so perhaps the prespawn feeding frenzy has yet to kick in at this PWF site.  

The bass were only interested in senkos style baits worked slowly near the shoreline (neko, wacky, shakey head). On the other hand, the crappie preferred moving baits (beetle spins and cranks). We tended to find them, as expected, hanging around the submerged brush piles. The bite pretty much died at 4:30PM as the second cold front started to move through. None the less John, as usual, managed to land one with a buzzbait at sunset.

All in all, another great day of fishing on this fine property!


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