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Jan 02 2020 #1

Jason Owens


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

Crappie day

Reservation Number : 22722
Property Name : Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes
Reservation Date : 12/31/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 36 up to 3.75lbs
Lures Used : Pretty much anything

Fished Hickory Creek with my son on New Year's Eve.  It was around 30 that morning as we were driving in, but it warmed a little by the time we got on the water around 9am.  I think it got to about 60 in the afternoon.  I don't know what the water temps were, no electronics.  We only fished the big lake.  We started by making a half lap around and started fishing near the little bridge.  We started catching pretty shortly after that with senkos worked in the deeper water about 25+ ft off the bank.  I caught some of the bigger bass on a 3/8 oz bluegill color jig, just throwing it out into open water.  I weighed one at 3lb 5oz, but I caught one slightly bigger but didn't weigh it.  Maybe close to 4lb.  Almost all the bass were over 14".  Only 6 culls.  The best action seemed to be around the brush piles.  The real action happened late in the day.  At around 3:30 my son was getting hungry and tired so we were working our way back to the dock to leave.  But on the way back in I found a spot near a brush pile where I had 2 good bites in a row.  So we went back to the dock for a quick snack but I told him I wanted to make one more pass over that spot before we left.  When we made it back out there I started fan casting the area with a chrome colored red eye shad lipless crankbait.  In that area we were able to catch a few bass and 19 crappie in less than an hour.  We had to leave them biting at around 4:45pm.  It was a great day on an awesome lake.  I will definitely come back and maybe try the small lake as well.  

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