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Dec 02 2019 #1

Bob Scheidemann

Slot Fish

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Rock Chimney, La Grange

Windy Afternoon at Rock Chimney 11-30-19

Short and sweet…overcast windy afternoon at this fine property. Fished from the bank from noon to sunset with little success. Had a couple of slight taps on weightless senkos but no takers. Threw everything at all of the usual productive spots with no action. Thank goodness I finally duped a 17” on a lipless crank (sexy shad) at 3:45pm just off the middle of the dam. So much for getting skunked. 

Enjoyed a short chat with the Stanley’s shortly thereafter and thanked them for allowing us to fish this usual south Texas gem. I had a great time none the less, on this warm winter afternoon! 

Of note, the water appears to be approximately 4’ below the top of the drain by the dam, which makes it easy to walk the entire bank along the dam. Half of the concrete boat ramp is currently exposed.

Happy Holidays!



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