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Nov 28 2019 #1

Robert Lundin


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Property :
Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch, Decatur

Took us 2.5 hours to find how to catch bigger fish

Reservation Number : 22563
Property Name : Waterboo Lake: Bedrock Ranch
Reservation Date : 11/27/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 48
Lures Used : Flukes, beetle spin, Ned rig


On the drive in we came upon at least 40 feral hogs in all sizes, that was interesting. Got to the lake to find the club boat left upright and full of water. Please turn over the Jon boats when your day is done. Started by throwing flukes and beetle spin in white and catching a bunch of small ones. My son in law decides to change things up and brings out some Ned rigs in smoke with blue and white flecks. We started in northeast corner and let that cold wind drift us slowly across the lake.  We caught fish after fish in the 15 to 18 inch range.  Then as fast as it started it stopped, the rain started and we got off the water around 4:30. So we had a good day for 4.5 hours. The road is good going in but you do need good clearance in a couple of spots. Pay attention as there is one spot real narrow and drops off 5 to 6 feet on both sides. The water is crystal clear. Weeds are no problems. We fished the Ned rigs slow with a little twitching. The water was cold probably less than 60 degrees. All fish look healthy and fat even the small ones.  What's the forage in this lake as the Ned rig mimicked a shad.  


Nov 28 2019 #2

Chris Haller


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Glad to see the fish size improving here.  This is such a cool lake/setting. I think 14-15" is about the largest we've caught at Waterboo.  Looks like the culling is working.  


Nov 28 2019 #3

Robert Lundin


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I caught a monster there August 2018. Look at old reports to see a photo.  The bigger fish were all lumped together just north of the launch. That's why I wondered what  forage they prey upon.  The monster I caught in 2018 had a 8" Bass in its gullet. 


Nov 30 2019 #4

Steve Alexander


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Hi Bob,

The lake has no shad, only bluegill. We did a lake survey 4 weeks ago and the average fish size as moved from 12" in 2018 to 14" in 2019. While only 2" it length, it represents a 40% increase in weight. We have removed 800 fish over the past two years. We still want to remove another 400 in 2020. I hope in 2021 we will be harvesting 200 to 300 and the avg size will be 15" to 16" with lots of fish over 17". 

The owner has tentatively agreed to fertilize in the Spring, and if we get a solid bloom, add threadfin in May on 2020.



Nov 30 2019 #5

Robert Lundin


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I guess we were lucky to hit a small section of the lake with a bait not looking like a bluegill.  I mean as fast as we could throw it in we would get hit.  As fast as it started it stopped.  That was my first time throwing a NED rig. It was a 1/6 oz. and a off brand Matzuo. I have some Z-man Ned rigs but I always end up throwing a watermelon fluke. My son in law bought his Ned rigs for $2 for 5 and each one was rigged. We had a great day.  Only one small diver duck on the lake.  Saw a large group of feral hogs standing in the field just beyond low water crossing. 


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