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Larry Patterson


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Beaver Lake, Decatur

It got hot late

Reservation Number : 21890
Property Name : Beaver Lake
Reservation Date : 07/27/2019 PM -
Total Fish/Sizes : 29 LMB largest 19", 3 @ 17"
Lures Used : white fluke, black worm, chart spinner, popper

We had a great evening. Got started about 5p. It was slow the first couple of hours with about 10 caught. After 7p it got busy and the last hour from @ 8-9 was awesome. The fluke was solid all day. Black worm did ok. The exploded on the topwater popper the last hour. There was a lot of grass, but the vast middle of the lake was in good shape and fished well. the action was concentrated from the center to the west side off the grass.