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May 12 2019 #1

Scott Porto


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

5-12-19 - Suprise at Hickory Creek!

We had a great trip and something happened that make it a super trip. My son was using a watermelon colored, weightless Senco stick bait. I was about 200 yards away from him and all of a sudden I heard lots of yelling. At first I thought something had happened to him. I looked his way and right away I knew he was fine and had caught a rather large fish. When you can see the white of a fish from 200 yards you know he has to have some size to him. We turned the boat around and headed his way. Once we met him on the dock I got to see what he had. Fish of a lifetime for him! (Pictures below)


I immediately got the scale and weighed him and to my surprise it rang up an impressive 9.0 lbs!!! By far the biggest fish he had ever caught. He was able to land him using a 6’0” Ugly Stick with a spinning reel and 10lb test line. We did not have a tape with us close as I left it in the truck because I never dreamed we would catch anything of that size at Hickory Creek on the big lake. Because the fish had been out of the water for a bit we wanted to get a weight, a few pictures and get it right back in the water. I didn’t catch the fish but seeing the smile on my sons face and the excitement he had over catching it…it was a moment I will never forget. Again thanks PFW for providing the opportunity to experience this with my son.  


(Sorry about the pictures. I could not figure out how to rotate them once uploaded to PFW)



May 12 2019 #2

Chris Haller


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Nice fish!  Congrats to your son!


May 13 2019 #3

Jim Bennett


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Very nice fish.  Well done!


Regarding the pictures, I used to have the same problem where they would look fine in preview, but fall on their side when uploading.  How to fix it:  When you get to the step of uploading, before you select the file, right click on the picture file and select "open with". Select either Paint, or Photo Viewer and open the file in one of these applications.  If the picture needs rotation, do it here.  If not, just X out and continue uploading, and send the file to server as per normal.  This intermediate step adds a "stamp" onto the file which tells the server the correct orientation of the file. Works every time.

Congrats on the Toad!     


May 13 2019 #4

Scott Porto


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Thanks for the furture help with pictures!!!!



May 13 2019 #5

Wayne Pruitt


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Awesome Fish…........did not see that coming….........on the big lake even. Now we know :)


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