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May 03 2019 #1

Robert Lundin


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Live Oak Creek, Valley Mills

The Moody's saved the Day

Reservation Number : 21167
Property Name : Live Oak Creek
Reservation Date : 05/02/2019 All Day -
Total Fish/Sizes : 20+
Lures Used : Frogs and plastics

Got to the lake and no rain. The pasture where you turn just before the house was sloppy. We made an attempt in a four wheel Ridgeline but not confident if we could make it down and surely tougher coming back. The Moody's to the rescue with their side by side. Loaded up our gear and we started fishing.  No rain until 3 pm when the Moody's rescued us again. This time it was pouring and lightning and wind. First class owners, the only gesture we could give them besides thank you was a muddy side by side.

The fishing was excellent as we mostly concentrated on shallow water frogs. When we got over at the spillway it roared like Niagara. You can sit there or go over to the creek channel and catch them.  All except 3 fish were 16 to 18 inches. Biggest ones on the frog. When we crossed Whitney on the way home it went from a sheet of glass in the morning to whitecap rollers with heavy rain.

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