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Apr 18 2019 #1

Al Burns


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Hickory Creek Ranch Lakes, Crockett

Beautiful day at Hickory Creek Ranch

Took my son and daughter in law out to Hickory Creek on April 11th. We fished the bigger front lake. The breeze was moderate and the skies were partly cloudy. This lake is a wonderful place to teach a newcomer to fish soft plastics. We caught a total of 96 bass and culled 71 that were under 14 inches. Additionally we caught some really nice sized crappie. At the end of the day we noticed the monster bluegill were stacked up in a foot or two of water immediately around the island. For about a half hour we caught and released a couple dozen trophy sized bluegill on Ned Rigs. Great fun! We caught the bass on drop shotted soft plastics. Couldn't help but notice the bass larger than 14 inches that were released had some nicer size to them…2 1\2 to 3 lbs. As usual had a wonderful visit with the owner. He's a wonderful guy.

Al Burns 


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