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James Hayne Jr


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Lake NEY, D'Hanis

Lake Ney 4/12 & 13

It's a little tricky to get there but the directions on the website are very accurate. The lake is very full.  Water was pretty muddy.  I assume it is due to all the recent rain and the wind we experienced.  We didn't get on the water until about 4:00 Friday and caught 15 fish, most of them under the 13" but we aren't expert fisherman.  Wind made it pretty tough.  Saturday conditions were even more difficult.  We had rain in the early morning so we didn't get out until about 11:00.  The wind was much worse and as a result, we could only fish a small fraction of the lake. We caught about 5 fish and gave up after about 3 hours.  Caught all our fish on either Yamamoto worms or Zoom worms with a weight and fishing the banks.  We ran into the ranch manager who said a couple of weeks ago (before it opened to PWF) and they caught 65 fish fising the banks.  He said they didn't catch anything in the trees.  Same experience for us.  Hope this helps.


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William Fetech


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Andy Dear and his son Jackson and I fished Net on Sunday 8-4 with a break for lunch. We basically had similar results (5 fish and several misses). Most if not all were caught on done type of soft plastic. We did not find much in the timbers and the water was muddy with clarity of less than 6 inches. I did not find any water greater than 10ft. 

We are definitely going to return. Bill and Roses cafe in D’Hanis has some really good food. 

Bill Fetech