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Apr 08 2019 #1

Wayne Pruitt


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Post Oak Lake, Bryan




Results - 91 Bass

Phil “Z Craw” Man versus the (Bass Pro Tournament Series Senko Style) Wayne “Stik-O-Worm” Man (See Pics of the Baits)

Saturday 4/6/19 started out with a commute from the South East side of Houston and launching the boat at Post Oak Lake at 7:15 AM. Weather forecast not good for today. More about that in a few……………

It is definitely post spawn at Post Oak! The big females have all laid their eggs and they have lost significant weight. The little buck bass (2 pounders and less) are recovering nicely from doing their job and have worked up a big appetite for sure. The water temp is running at a steady 71 degrees and the lake looks great other than clarity with the water level at full. No vegetation issues. We got hammered with rain a couple of times throughout the day but kept fishing/catching through the rain. I realized, before the weather turned for the worse, I had left my rain bottoms back home so my lower half was drenched but upper half nice and dry thanks to a Simms Gore-Tex rain jacket. Phil thought about renting me his Frogg Togg bottoms at a very high price but decided against it when the weather actually hit. We would get several flurries of rain throughout the day but kept fishing.

Little brother Phil challenged me to a one (1) bait contest and my competitive nature had me agree to this silly challenge. Rules were we each had to choose one (1) bait in one (1) color and fish it all day long whether it produced or not. His choice of bait (secret weapon) was the Carolina Rigged Zoom ZCRAW (his choice every single time if he only had one go to bait to feed the entire world) and mine was the Big Weightless Texas Rigged 7 1/8” STIK-O- WORM in Black Red Flake (see attached photos of both baits). With that said, we don’t have a lot of baits to report. Extreme success on both baits to say the least. 91 fish caught by 4:30 PM (no real lunch break-eating fresh crispy fried bacon out of a zip lock bag while casting) with Phil in a slight lead at the day’s end on numbers but me in a big lead on size (see the bass pick photos). Phil is pictured holding my biggest bass of the day. Notice he is not smiling in the pic. I call it poetic justice. Precious! PS: Our preferred fish outing food is crispy bacon on fresh bread with real mayo! If the fish are biting as in this case we then resort to just eating the bacon plain and dry! It’s the Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner of fish champions……………….you might want to consider this successful gourmet recipe for your next fishing trip.

Lessons learned and challenge results – Most of the lake average’s about five (5) feet in depth with the deep end at the dam being around twelve (12) feet. All day we targeted casting “At The Bank” (ATB). Nothing at all caught in the deep or in the middle of the lake. Everything caught was around the outer edges. We circled that lake over and over again. Phil’s technique with the ZCRAW produced five (5) more fish in numbers than my overall count but he caught all small fish. Mostly 2 pounders. He is all about numbers anyway with an occasional kicker fish and I knew I needed to upsize his bait for that potential giant. I am all about size (and size does matter per Cole Porter) so I will fish all day for that one bite that sometime comes - sometimes it doesn’t. The water clarity was way less than a foot and muddy murky looking. We were not able to site cast to bass busting at all as we did not see that aggressive bass activity chasing bait balls as in the past on this lake. ATB! ATB! ATB!

Why did we quit at 4:30? Our plan was to fish until dark and beat our lake record specific to Post Oak of 108 fish from a couple of weeks (3/23/19) ago. Mother Nature had other plans! She felt like we had caught plenty and we needed to save the bite for other PWF members and give the fish a break. How did she tell us that you ask? With a HAIL Storm that beat us to death………….I thought my Denali windows were going to get knocked out, the hail was big and hitting so hard. My windshield got hammered with lots of small chip damage. All we could do, at the time, was sit in the car and watch the freak show like two little girls watching their first horror movie on the big screen. Glad when it finally stopped and we were able to exit the property.

We did enjoy our new MinnKota Fortrex 80 thrust trolling motor and new Helix 5 Hummingbird. “Comfort and Joy” we can now concentrate on fishing with technology at our finger tips. Thanks Cole Porter for the inspiration to upgrade. Kind of wandering why we did not pull the trigger sooner. Hard headed I guess.

In closing, Phil and I just want to say what an amazing job PWF Mr. Steve, Ms. Keri and Young Cole P are doing in adding new lakes to the club. The newly added lake updates are coming in so frequent now. Constantly looking for more lakes to offer the members……….keep up the good work. We truly appreciate your commitment and vision.

Spring Time Fishing & Keep a Tight Line,

The Pruitt Brothers










Apr 08 2019 #2

David May

Slot Fish

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Tom Dillon and I are fishing Martin's Mill tomorrow and I am surely taking crispy bacon and blue/black worms! That is one heck of a day! I suspect your arms are sore after that.


Apr 08 2019 #3

Wayne Pruitt


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Thanks for the kind reply.

Actually we wanted to be more sore from additional hook sets that did not happen…...........our goal was to exceed our last results there at Post Oak on the 23 rd of March and we were prepared to fish until dark to do it. It just was not possible with the storm beating down on us. As for the crispy bacon, yes sir, we do think that is the ticket to a successful day on the lake. PWF should have a club bacon day on the calendar and see what the results look like. I bet it would be the best for numbers, size and satisfied appetites day on an annual basis.


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