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Mar 25 2019 #1

Wayne Pruitt


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Post Oak Lake, Bryan

1 Bait, 1 Rod & 1 Reel & 1 Big Bass - 108 Bass Catch (See Pics)

Big Day at Post Oak (See Pics)

It is Spring Bass on Beds Time in Texas! Bass anglers target big sow females full of eggs every year around this time in hopes of catching that elusive double d (dd). Better weather has finally arrived with the waters warming as each day passes by. Count my brother (Phil) and I on being in search of the double d’s. Fishing all day for that one bite is what I am all about but Phil is all about numbers (catching instead of fishing) with a big one in there for good measure. He thought he had his elusive double d last year at Henderson East Lake but she turned out to be a 9 1/4. Thought he had the double d at Heartland 10-10 last year but she turned out to be a 9 ½ pounder. He is still trying to get over the 10 pound hump for the first time. Patience is a virtue and he feels like it is happening this spring!

Enough of that…………here is a good report for those needing a little motivation to get out on a PWF lake this spring and beyond! We have fished this jewel (Post Oak) of a lake twice before this trip with great success. We caught one-hundred (100) bass here on 7/29/17 with some of good size and on 6/16/18 we caught sixty-five (65) with a few nice fat ones as well.

Saturday 3/23/19 started out with a commute from the South East side of Houston and launching the boat at Post Oak Lake at 7:30 AM……….I started off throwing the tackle box at them but settled in on a 7 inch watermelon black flake senko (see the attached photo) bait hooked weedless with no weight that produced most of my catches. 51 in all with my two (2) biggest fish being big fat female 7 pounders. My brother Phil had his usual arsenal of rods, reels and baits with him as well but he only used one rod, one reel and one style bait (pumpkin z craw garlic dipped-see attached photo) all day producing 57 catches with the biggest being a big female (see Phil and big girl in attached photo) just getting down to business on a bed. She was a beauty and after some quick photos she was released her right back into the water where she was caught. We were so concerned about getting her back in the water we forgot to get a measurement on her for the big bass contest! She was probably glad we forgot so she could get back to her bed.

You are wondering where was she caught right? Well, we will tell you because we want you to find her as well and take a photo with her :-) she is at the bridge before crossing into the small lake. She is on a bed right at the crossing channel before you go through the bridge. All in all, an amazing day producing 108 caught and released bass.

Here is a time table to give you an idea of the when we were most successful with catching numbers:

7:30 AM to 9:05 AM - 28 Fish

10:00 AM to 12:30 - 12 Fish

12:30 to 3:30 PM - 20 Fish

12:30 PM to 3:30 PM - 10 Fish

4:30 PM to 5:45 PM - 38 Fish

5:45 PM - left them for someone else to catch in the near future so we could make the commute back to Houston.

Catch Recap - One (1) 8 ½ Pounder Caught at 9:05 AM, 2 Seven (7) Pounders Caught Around 4 PM and 4:45 PM, Two (2) 5 Pounders, Four (4) 4 Pounders, Four (4) 3 Pounders and Everything Else Mostly 2 Pounders and Less.

All of the little buck bass are showing the signs of fanning beds with the females looking a little more stressed than the males.

The water clarity was less than a foot from all the rain run-off. Rarely were we able to site cast to bass busting because we did not see that aggressive bass activity chasing bait balls as in the past on this lake. This is an awesome PWF member lake location on a beautiful property worth the drive from where ever you are. We will be back in the near future, but in the meantime, someone please take advantage of this shared info and post some pictures in a spring PWF report of some big bass so we will know we have helped some members have an equally awesome day on a very productive private lake.

Spring Time Fishing :-) Keep a Tight Line,

The Pruitt Brothers









Mar 25 2019 #2

Mark Daugherty

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First of all, Wayne, thank you for the very informative and helpful reports.  You really do want to help the rest of us do well - regardless of the property.  That is appreciated!  Secondly, for you and your brother (and also Bruce Bernard!) - as was said of a young Jack Nicklaus…"He plays a game with which I am not familiar''.

Thanks again,



Mar 25 2019 #3

David Curtis


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What an amazing story and wonderful summary for all of us to follow. I know a DD seems elusive but it seems as though you have found the secret to successful fishing trips. Catching a few good fish and enjoying the fellowship of family and friends is the memories that we have after we have gotten to old to crawl in a boat for 10 hours at a time and make hundreds of casts. 

We seem to be of a similar age group. My friends and I have made promises that we will assist each other for a few more years until we trade in that one bait, one rod and one reel for a Wally Marshall crappie rig of some sort.

I'm glad you and your brother still have it in you and are going strong and thankful to you both for your willingness to share your success with others. 





Mar 25 2019 #4

Larry Maupin

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Thanks for the great report. I love hearing success stories like yours!


Mar 26 2019 #5

Steve Alexander


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That Jack Nicklaus line is awesome. I do read virtually every post and we do have some really great consistent fisherman. That is the challenge I think most of our members face. They read a fishing report or two and they see the fishing is poor. Naturally, you think I will not go there. Well, the reality is we may have had 2 very inexperienced groups who fished and had poor days. The same can be said for one of our superstars who fished one of our lakes and then they caught there and did not catch. Fishing reports like this are awesome as they teach. We recognize the members who have the spirit of sharing with others and are grateful to those with a giving spirit. We want to be a group of fisherman who encourage and share. 

There are really good fisherman who know how to adapt, study the sport, practice and make lots of casts. I’ve had the pleasure to fish with some. The best are focused and while not fishing fast necessarily, they make twice as many casts.  I had the pleasure to fish with the late Tommy Brown fishing top water on his lakes in Marshall and he made three times as many casts. So focused! 

If you want to get the sport and practice new techniques. Hire a guide or ask someone in our group to go fishing with you. We have a new PM (personal message) option to reach out to them. 

Please be willing to share and pictures are worth a thousand words. We really love pictures with kids and their huge smiles. It keeps the sport growing while giving the mentor/teacher/parent/grandparent some real joy. 


Mar 26 2019 #6

Wayne Pruitt


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Mark, Thanks for the kind words…..............I have fished with Jack Nicklaus type anglers as well and they inspired me to work hard, study the sport & purchase equipment/gear that is enjoyable to use. Anything worth doing is worth over doing :-) 


Mar 26 2019 #7

Wayne Pruitt


Member Since : 2017
Number of Posts : 73

David, awesome response to the report…..............there are days that hundreds of cast just don't get it done, and in those situations I try to remember the days that we struck gold with a bounty of dividends like this trip did. Two brothers in a boat has its moments especially when one is catching and the other is not…............that's when strategy and being flexible to try something different comes into play. We both enjoy our times fishing together and every trip is a memory. We have lots of stories to tell…............and new stories to make :-)


Mar 27 2019 #8

Tom Dillon


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Thank you for the excellent and informative trip report. I totally agree with Steve, Larry,Mark, and David. Helping other catch fish is as important to me as catching them myself, and I hope that at least most of my reports reflect that. You and your brother had an awesome day, and I hope other members can make use of your report and do the same. Well done, Sir.


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